Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Everything...literally

A couple months ago I blogged about mine and Sam's new house. We absolutely love it and our neighborhood, but we have been wanting to do a few updates, especially in places everyone sees like the living room, entry way, and kitchen. We love having people over and entertaining, but the interior of the house was beige and white when we bought it. Those colors don't exactly scream our home is warm and inviting if ya know what I mean.

So as if paying for our wedding wasn't enough, we decided that for Christmas, my birthday, and pretty much every other gift-giving occasion we would ask our parents for money so we could paint (henee the name of this blog title). And thanks my husbands ability to save money and to our wonderful parents we were able to do that and much more!

I absolutely love and need color in my life, which of course includes my home, and the new paint has made a world of difference! See for yourself...

Here is the kitchen - Color: Drama Queen (love it)

I love these cabinets.

The name of this room remains a mystery because it is called many things. So just so we are all on the same page, it is the living room/den/great room/room you watch tv in. The color is Amber Yellow.

Here is the entry way. I love this color - Bungalow Gold

The entry way and upstairs hallway are painted this color. Unfortunately, the color is extremely difficult to capture on camera because of an annoyingly huge awful golden chandelier. That thing is the next to go!

And finally the bathroom! It is the same color as the living room/great room, etc. And it has been totally renovated by my handy hubby! He replaced all the bathroom and light fixtures, mirror, and also put in a glass shelf. I love it, but we are probably getting a new mirror because I think it's a little too "matchy-matchy".

We also got to add some new entertainment to our lives. Sam has wanted a new tv for quite a while and he finally bought one. He works so hard and definitely deserved a new tv. Every time he watches a football game his eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning. We got a great deal because we shopped the day after Thanksgiving sales...Sony flat screen hdtv, surround sound, and two blueray disc players! Next thing on our "Home To Do List" is getting the Morgan media and storage collection from Crate and Barrell. We decided that the floor is not a good place to keep all the surround sound speakers! :)

And lastly on my list of new things, Sam celebrated his 10th year with DePuy Orthopaedics! This means two important things: more vacation days and a gift. Out of the many gifts he could choose from the Johnson and Johnson catalog, he got a small flat screen tv for me to have in the kitchen. How thoughtful is he?! I've told you before and I'll probably tell you a thousand more times, he is such a great husband!

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  1. All of the rooms look soo good! I love the warm colors! Yall did a great job!