Sunday, June 27, 2010

DMB + You & Me

About one month ago Sam surprised me with tickets to a Dave Matthews concert at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Indianapolis. First of all, I love surprises! I always have. Whether it's surprising me with concert tickets or Chinese take-out, Sam always seems to do it perfectly! The pictures I have are sparse because the venue does not allow audio or video equipment of any kind.

First of all we got to see our good friends, Doug and Sarah Kramer, and their sweet little one year old boy, Drew. The five of us had lunch together and walked around a closeby market, which had some really great shops! Some of my favorites were Just Pop In!, The Good Earth, and all the unique design and home shops.

Doug and Drew

Drew and Sarah

Drew found a Drew-sized chair at one of the shops. He really wanted to take it home!

Doug, Sarah, Drew, & Sam 

Indianapolis Fire Station - love this picture with the firefighters' uniforms beside the trucks!

Pretty soon after our rendezvous shopping it was time to leave the Kramers and see Dave. TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCE-SOLD OUT!

Pulling into the concert reminded me of tailgating at the Razorback games in college. We were definitely among the college crowd. Thousands of people, coolers, lounge chairs, college-logoed tents, and partying. No worries, we came prepared! Afterall, I am a Razorback and my parents taught me how to prepare for any festivity or event. Yes, I should have taken more pictures, but I was just too wrapped up in all the excitement!

Thanks honey for such a great weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

a little slice of Heaven

Sam and I took a road trip to Arkansas over the Memorial holiday weekend. We had a pretty detailed agenda, but #1 on our list was spending time with family and relaxing. Between Thursday and Tuesday Sam and I drove about 1,500 miles, had family portraits taken, spent a day hanging out with only our nephew and nieces, spent a weekend on the lake, and celebrated Brittany's birthday, Kathleen and Spencer's graduations, and Mom and Dad's 30th anniversary! What a trip! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our little slice of Heaven on Earth.

McDonald's with Elli, Aspen, & Hunter

The Beautiful Lake Ouachita

Brittany, me, Tara, & Malisa

Brittany, Hunter, & Sam

Sam, Travis, & Ryan

Cute Couples: Brittany & Spencer and Tara & Travis

Brandlyn, Ryan, Elli, Malisa, Chris, Brittany, & Tara

Dustin Jones...we love him!

Dad, Ryan, Travis, Mom, & Malisa on the Party Barge

Elli & Aspen - Cutest Picture Ever!

Kathleen & Ryan on the Sea-Doo

Cheers! (Spencer, Travis, Dad, & Dustin)

Hunter Wakeboarding!

Sam Skiing. He gets better every year!

Hunter, Spencer, Tara, & Travis

Aspen & Elli are two peas in a pod. Hunter always says, "Those girls are crazy!"

I just love this mother-daughter picture! They are so sweet!

And I couldn't resist posting this last one...... :)