Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun In The Sun

I have three "Persons of the Week": my mom and sisters. There are many things in life that bring me so much happiness, but none like sharing the beach with my favorite women. Yes, the first week of May marked our Bennett girls' sort-of-annual trip to Destin, Florida and it was marvelous! I believe that my moving to another region in America will prove to make this wonderful tradition a yearly occurrence. If you are a woman, you can imagine that we had such an awesome time! No schedules or appointments, except for the Cinco de Mayo festivities and amazing spa pedicures. 

The ocean is so beautiful and for me it is a reminder of how amazing God is.

And of course we celebrated Cinco de Mayo! I could not help but reminisce the memories of this festive holiday with my beautiful Delta besties.

Lovin' our very relaxing spa pedicures. If you go to Destin, you must get a pedicure at Le Nails. They are professional, inexpensive, and serve champagne! Unfortunately Brandlyn had a sinus infection and was obviously not feeling up to getting a pedicure. Thank goodness for antibiotics!
Here we are on our last night at a new restaurant called Floyd's Fish House & Bar on the ocean.
After dinner we went shopping at Harbor Walk Village. It is literally a shopping and dining village on the water. So much fun!
My sisters, my mom, and I always have so much fun together no matter what we are doing. Living in a different state, being married, working, and taking care of the house can sometimes make life hectic and very busy, so spending quality time with my family and friends is very important to me. Especially the females in my life. They are good for the soul. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 10 Years, Sam

My Person Of The Week is my husband, Sam. He is a Product Director on the trauma team at DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. and he just celebrated his 10 Year Anniversary with the company! He works so hard and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Christian husband. I would love to tell you all about what he does at work, but I do not even know where to begin. His role is in marketing, but he has also developed products (hip implants and surgical instrumentation) and has nine patents in the United States and worldwide. Seriously, just google Samuel G. Sackett and you will generate a bunch of drawings and patents. Pretty amazing stuff!

I love you, babe, and I am so proud of all your accomplishments!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Guess I'm Not A Golfer

Name of the game - Putt-Putt a.k.a. Miniature Golf a.k.a Mini Golf
           It was a beautiful weekend to have my little sis and brother, Brittany and Ryan, here visiting us in good ol' Fort Wayne. Saturday afternoon we decided to go play putt-putt. Such a fun game. We decided to go to the "Fun Center" in Columbia City which is.....uhhhh......somewhere close to Fort Wayne. There were three 18-hole courses to choose from and we chose course C, which I now know stands to Catastrophy. It was hard, but so much fun. Putt-putt courses always make me laugh because they have the most random themes and decorations. We had a really great time! I even took a turn at the pitching machine and reminded myself why I stopped playing after t-ball. Anyways, here are some pictures from our fun adventure!

Sam, Brittany, & Ryan

Sam likes to change outfits every few holes...
here's a photo montage of me and Brittany...
Oops...somehow Brittany broke this cement block??? She's an avid putt-putterer...

We asked Ryan to stand next to this house. Where did he get his height?!

A mallard came to play with us. She didn't stay long.
On hole 14 I somehow managed to hit the ball straight up in the air, then again when it came down. I took a mulligan and accidentally hit it over the course on the next shot.Our fearless scorekeeper, Ryan, gave me an "N/A" as my rude.

But I got a little confidence back after making a hole-in-one on #17!
So once we finished our game we decided to try the pitching machines. Afterall, this Fun Center had lots of outdoor activities. I think I hit maybe 12 of 20 balls. I have proof of hitting one...I am focused.

I think my favorite days are when I am able to be outside. The outdoors make me happy no matter what I am doing! Sam and I had such a great weekend with Brittany and Ryan! THANK YA'LL SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY WEEKEND SO GREAT! I hope ya'll had a great time too and I cannot wait to see you soon!