Monday, June 21, 2010

a little slice of Heaven

Sam and I took a road trip to Arkansas over the Memorial holiday weekend. We had a pretty detailed agenda, but #1 on our list was spending time with family and relaxing. Between Thursday and Tuesday Sam and I drove about 1,500 miles, had family portraits taken, spent a day hanging out with only our nephew and nieces, spent a weekend on the lake, and celebrated Brittany's birthday, Kathleen and Spencer's graduations, and Mom and Dad's 30th anniversary! What a trip! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our little slice of Heaven on Earth.

McDonald's with Elli, Aspen, & Hunter

The Beautiful Lake Ouachita

Brittany, me, Tara, & Malisa

Brittany, Hunter, & Sam

Sam, Travis, & Ryan

Cute Couples: Brittany & Spencer and Tara & Travis

Brandlyn, Ryan, Elli, Malisa, Chris, Brittany, & Tara

Dustin Jones...we love him!

Dad, Ryan, Travis, Mom, & Malisa on the Party Barge

Elli & Aspen - Cutest Picture Ever!

Kathleen & Ryan on the Sea-Doo

Cheers! (Spencer, Travis, Dad, & Dustin)

Hunter Wakeboarding!

Sam Skiing. He gets better every year!

Hunter, Spencer, Tara, & Travis

Aspen & Elli are two peas in a pod. Hunter always says, "Those girls are crazy!"

I just love this mother-daughter picture! They are so sweet!

And I couldn't resist posting this last one...... :)

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