Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love, Sweet Love

I'M NOT EVEN GONNA EXPLAIN WHY MY BLOG IS NOT UPDATED. Let's move on and accept the fact that I just can't figure it out.

So, Christmas in Arkansas was great and let me show you just how perfect it was in pictures...
 Nieces & Nephew...always one of the best parts of my visit!

 Hanging out with my sister

 Our family's dirty Santa gift exchange is always a crowd favorite! As is Elli's smile that will just brighten up your life like sunshine on a rainy day!

 And the sassy Elli is just as wonderful as the sweet one!

 Uncle Scott & Dad are all smiles for the holidays!

 The fake, and not so fake, smile you give when someone has taken one too many pictures for the night.

Brandlyn & Aunt Terri

 Uncle Scott and I traded dirty Santa gifts. I got Lowe's and he got Starbuck's. Obviously a trade needed to happen.

 My brother and sisters. I always make it a point to snap a sibling picture everytime I am home!
One day they will be thankful for this, trust me!

 Dad and Aunt Terri

 My cousin, Braye, and my brother, Ryan. We were so sad Tiffany and Scott couldn't make it home for Christmas. Scott is an athletic trainer for Oklahoma State University's football team. They were in a bowl game so we missed the Parker's by ONE day! Tragic.

 The Frensley's. Always showing off their PDA because they are just so dad-gone cute!
 Also a personal favorite, Brit and Spence. Y'all know Spence already! He is my whiskey pong partner and Brit's boyfriend. Always ready to have a good time!

 The Sackett's. Always adorable. :)

 Ryan & Kathleen. She has a golf scholarship and she is just as sweet as she is beautiful.

Sam did not get a nerf gun for Christmas. This gift was Hunter's gift, which Sam so generously set up and then shot at everyone. He even shot Mom! Seriously.

 Brandlyn found the Christmas Pickle. Darn her! I never find it!

 Elli's sass came back that night. I was beginning to miss it.

Mom hearts Vera Bradley.

 And we love those ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS! Dad now has five Razorback boat fenders to ensure he is looking good while supporting his team on the lake. Ahhhh, the lake. I CANNOT wait for lake season! But back to Christmas now...

 Family Photo. I don't care if the toys are out and there's stuff all over the coffee table in front of us. Get in the picture! Just try fighting me on this. I dare you.
Seriously though, why does taking a family photo have to be such a big "to do" for my family?!

 Dad and Mom had this frame made with a photo of Hunter killing his first deer. Now y'all, this is a big deal down south (and in other parts of the country I'm sure) so don't go getting all judgemental just because you don't hunt.

 Elli & Aspen got new bicycles for Christmas...
 ...and Uncle Sam won the Uncle of the Year award for taking the girls out for a ride in the freezing cold!

Sam (husband), Blaine (cousin), Nick (cousin), and Hunter (nephew).
They had an epic Nerf battle outside that could put the war between the states to shame. Eventually they all turned on Sam, because well obviously he is from the north. {Glad you get my joke now.}

Now here is something I am especially proud of! My incredibly artistically talented sister (I love adjectives), Brittany, painted this beautiful Santa Clause. This picture I took does not even do it justice. The detail is amazing.

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