Monday, August 31, 2009

Honeymoonin' Part 1: Beautiful St. Lucia

FINALLY, I have some time to catch up on blogging! Sam and I have been back home from our Honeymoon in St. Lucia for a week, but he caught walking pneumonia shortly after our return so I have been nursing him back to health. On top of that, we just sold our house (YAY!) so I hope y'all understand why I haven't been blogging much lately. Now that you have heard all my excuses, let's move on shall we...
Our honeymoon in St. Lucia was nothing short of the most amazing vacation I have ever had! Everything was beautiful and the view from our Honeymoon Grand Luxe Beachfront Suite (that's a mouthful) was absolutely breathtaking. Here is the view from our baloncy at sunset...
And here is the view during the day.
The water was so blue. Like a really deep, beautiful blue. I don't know how else to describe it so here are a few more beachy pictures... We arrived in St. Lucia at 3:00pm Sunday afternoon. After going through customs and taking a 1 hour drive to the resort we were hungry and tired. Yep, a 1 hour drive. The resort has several busses to take you from the airport to the resort. At first we were not looking forward to the long drive, but the island was so beautiful that you cannot help but take in all the beautiful scenery. That is as long as you do not have any motion sickness issues. The drivers, if you can even call 'em that, are crazy and reckless. St. Lucia is a giant volcano (ie; here are mountains and hills and no flat land). Our driver squeeled the van's tires more times than I care to tell you. I guess you could say it was an adventure of its own. Upon arrival, we were greeted with Rum Punch at the resort. Now THAT is some southern hospitality right there! So hungry and tired, the only restaurant open for lunch at 4:30pm was the Cricketer's Pub. Delicious burgers, fries, and mashed potates. Love that comfort food. Later in the week we found out it was the only bar serving Crown Royal (my favorite), so we stopped by there every night before going to bed. Seriously, every night. The trip was all-inclusive, which means you literally do not have to spend any money when you are there. We ate....A LOT. We had two favorite dinner spots: Armando's (Italian) and The Pitons (surf n' tuf with a caribbean cuisine flare). The resort had 6 restaurants, but we had the option to eat at any of the other 10 restaurants at the other Sandals resorts in St. Lucia. Here is a picture of our favorite lunch spot, Arizona, which served a wide variety of tex mex and pizza.

And here is our favorite pool of the three at the resort. It sat up on a hill and overlooked the ocean. It was peaceful and beautiful, but most importantly it was the only pool where I could find shade. Check out the view (of the ocean, not my husband...ladies, he is taken)!

Which brings me to the next photo...

I did not know I looked so stupid in floppy hats 'til I saw this picture later that day. Unfortunately I had to wear it most of the trip because I have a tanning disability.

Now to conclude Part 1 I will leave you with my very favorite picture from the entire trip! This is Sam's alter ego. I don't have a name for him yet, but I'm workin' on it. I'm hoping he comes out again soon.

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