Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Honeymoonin' Part 2: Land & Sea in Soufriere

Sam and I wanted to relax on our honeymoon. My kind of relaxing does not involve scheduling excursions every hour of every day. It does not usually involve purchasing "gear" either. We compromised (obviously) and chose to go on two excursions. The first was snorkeling. It was awesome! We bought an underwater camera, but I have not developed the pictures yet so those will have to wait.
Now onto the land and sea cruise in Soufriere (pronouced Soo-free). Say it like you're callin' the Hogs: "Woo Pig Sooie". Okay, now say "Woo Pig Soo-free". Got it?*
*Disclaimer: If you are not a born 'n raised Razorback, feel free to give it another try. Practice makes perfect!
It was a land and sea cruise and probably the coolest thing I've ever experienced! We took a catamaran cruise along the west coast to Soufriere. Sam and I have ever been on a catamaran so we didn't really know what to expect. Catamarans have two nets on each side of the boat just above the water and we got to sit there! Ebony & Ivory
Texaco gave us a warm welcome. Soufriere is a historic town which is known for its beautiful Pitons (Gros Piton & Petit Piton), volcanic plugs which were formed 200K-300K years ago. They were absolutely breathtaking. I've never seen anything so beautiful. The closest thing I can compare the Pitons to are the Hawaiian islands, but I don't even think that does it justice. Once we arrived in Soufriere we got off the catamaran and into a bus to do the land part of the tour. I snapped a few photos of the locals while we were en route. They sell fruit right off the street...literally! Our first stop on land was Sulfur Springs, an active drive-in volcano which is known for its very aweful smell. Sulfur = Rotten Egg Smell (remember chemistry?). The busses drove in to a huge 7 mile wide crater of this live volcano. Our tour guide was really funny while also being very informative. He told us we would have no worries if the volcano decided to erupt because we would turned into ash-covered statues almost instantaneously. Since we would be statues, he told us to think about the pose we wanted to be remembered by. I think this one sums me up pretty well... So after the volcano we headed to the Diamond Botannical Gardens. It was shady there and we were all very ready to get out of the sun. The privately owned gardens are said to be the birthplace of Napoleon's wife, Empress Josephine. The gardens were so beautiful, colorful, and alive. I have no clue regarding the names of these flowers. Sam had the camera.
This is a cocoa plant and/or tree. I'm pretty sure this one is Jack's Beanstock. The Diamond Waterfall had no diamonds in it. It didn't even have CZ's!? Our next stop was lunch....finally! We ate caribbean cuisine at a local restaurant. It was delicious. Here are a few pictures from the restaurant... View from our table.After lunch we returned to the catamaran to go snorkeling and then we cruised around Marigot Bay and drank lots of rum punch before heading back to the resort to take a nap. WHAT A DAY!We also saw a pirate ship and Sam was very entertained by this. And lastly, this picture makes me laugh because I should probably be on the show "What Not To Wear". I mean really, Jeni Sackett, what were you thinking?! Too much sun and rum punch I guess.

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