Saturday, September 12, 2009

Move-a-palooza 2009

While the hubby was in Columbus with his dad cheering on the Buckeyes I stayed at home getting everything packed up and ready to move. I started packing things last week, and I began with a simple and organized plan:
1. Label, Label, LABEL! Every single box!
2. Keep the boxes organized by room, and then weight:
a. Room Categories: kitchen, great room/den, living room, dining room, office, laundry room,
basement, bedrooms 1-3/bathrooms (upstairs), master bedroom/bathroom (upstairs)
b. Weight Categories: Very Heavy!, Heavy!, Fragile! (all very important)
3. On the label, write what is in the box so we don't have to have this conversation: "Sam, have you seen the small tongs? No, not the All-Clad tongs, but the Good Grips kind? (Sam grabs some tongs bound and determined to be my knight in shining armor for lost kitchen utensils.) No, honey, those are stainless steel and they are medium size. etc...."
I also decided to look for a moving checklist online and like always, Martha Stewart came through for me! She has great ideas for just about everything and, ever since the marriage license ordeal, I decided to make checklists an essential part of my life.
My mother-in-law so sweetly devoted her night to helping me pack things up in boxes. We had a relaxing and fun time watching the game, drinking some wine, and boxing up stuff. Thanks so much for helping me!

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