Monday, September 14, 2009

Oooooooooo O-H-I-O

I got to go to my second ever Ohio State Buckeye game last weekend. Every game is sold out. Isn't that crazy!? In order to get tickets you either have to buy them from someone (ie; not the box office) or you have to have graduated from OSU. Sam's grandfather graduated from OSU so he entered his name into a lottery for tickets. Basically, when you enter your name you can get two tickets, but there is no guarantee which game you will get. Sam's grandfather got tickets to the first game (OSU vs. Navy). Sam's dad, who is also an Ohio State graduate, entered his name into the lottery and got tickets to the OSU vs. USC game!
Sam's grandfather asked him to go to the OSU-Navy game with him, and he was so excited! My dear sweet hubby bought two more tickets to the game from someone he works with and was able to get all four tickets together. He bought the tickets for me and his mom. Very thoughtful! This was the first game of the season and they had an opening game record attendance. 105,092 people to be exact! The stadium is breathtaking. It is HUGE! This picture does not even do it justice, but it's the best I could do. The atmosphere is indescribable. Amazing! Sam took this picture at halftime. The band came out in three Deltas! Go figure!? I am aware that they look more like diamonds or arrows in the picture below, but I think I accidentally deleted the better one. You get the picture though.The game was at noon and the Hogs didn't play until 7pm eastern so I got to see the Buckeye game and listen to the Hogs' game on our way back to Fort Wayne via satellite radio!


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  2. A. It's funny how we're both OSU fans...just different OSUs.
    B. It's kinda nice that you still get to wear red. Being a razorback fan, I have to be careful wearing red around Stillwater. It's probably the least favorite color in town because of OU. I once wore a razorback shirt to the movie & Scott was afraid people would confuse me with an OU fan. (nevermind the fact that my shirt had a huge razorback on it)