Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our wedding photos have finally been posted on The Hudson's website! Find our picture and then type in the password jenisamwedding. There are pages and pages of pictures so I took it upon myself to post a few of our favorites! Seriously though, when you think there are no more pictures just click the right arrow and there are more. Kudos to my wonderful photographer, Kara!

Right after the I DO's!
Bennett-Sackett Family Picture
My Family (Spencer must've been M.I.A.)
Me, Sam, & the Groomsmen
Kels & Aspen
My Deltas
LOVE this picture!
Some of my girlfriends from high school. Left to Right: Jessica, Lauren C., Allison, me, Lauren Kay, Kendall, & Elizabeth
Me & My Dad dancing...doesn't he look so GQ!?
Adorable family pic of Matt, Keri, Noah, and Ella
This picture is cute and halarious. Hunter looks like he is up to something...
Spencer caught the garter (this is definitely a sign)
Honeymoon, here we come!

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