Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet Tea and Celebrations

...are two of my very favorite things about going back to see everyone in Arkansas! Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, Razorback game, or just being with the people who bring out my southern accent (and my southern attitude), we always have a reason to celebrate down there! Now don't get me wrong, I love Fort Wayne, but there are things about the south that I miss. Things that you just can't get anywhere else. Like ordering sweet tea when you go out to eat! Here is a recap of my fabulous weekend back home.

Friday Night Slumber Party
Elli wasn't feeling very well on Friday. Personally, I think she just needed a little lovin' from Aunt Jeni. We played with my jewelry and apparently even two year olds feel better when they get new jewelry! I realize this is a terrible picture of me, but I woke up at 4:30am so gimme a break, ok!

Hunter, Aspen, and Elli spent the night with me Friday night and we had a blast! Of course I woke up really early Friday morning and I did not take that into account when planning our slumber party, but the reward of having my adorable nieces and nephew for the night far outweighed any negative thoughts of sleeplessness/insomnia/I'm literally staying awake on a glass of sweet tea and a double-tall-non-fat-white-chocolate-mocha, with whip cream, of course!

Hunter was such a great sport about our slumber party. Usually he gets me all to himself on Pogey Bait night, but I had him and the girls this time. He is really good at entertaining those girls. They adore him!

The kids got a special treat for dinner (McDonald's happy meals). Aspen and Elli's happy meals came with a My Little Pony toy and Aspen insisted on "riding her horsey"! She couldn't understand why the darn thing just kept falling over!

Saturday: A Birthday Party & A Wedding
Aspen and Elli's birthday party was Saturday. Elli turned two years old on October 6th and Aspen will be three on November 19th. They are only 11 months apart!

Make A Wish!

Elli, Aspen, Bella Cate, & Lana. Elli clapped for everyone when we sang Happy Birthday to her and Aspen. I wish I would have videoed it because she was so adorable!

Pawpa, Dad, & Meme (my Dad with his parents)

Me & Pawpa (my Mom's dad)

Spencer & Brittany...cute little lovebirds

My Mom with her three grandchildren. She couldn't be happier!

Ryan & Me. We should have taken this picture standing up. I swear he gets taller everytime I see him! I think he is at 6'2" now! Also, TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY! Stay tuned for my Person of the Week post!

Brandlyn & Chris in their new favorite part of the house!

Lana & Jim Eggleston (below) Lana is Chris' twin sister, and I swear we were meant to be related. I just love her and Jim, and their little girl, Bella Cate, is just as sweet! Lana and Jim are expecting baby #2 next year!

Bella Cate & Aspen playing with the new toys.

Elli demolished the Happy Birthday crown and made a headband out of it. Creative!

Now, this picture makes me laugh! You know how I always have a hair tie on my wrist (even when I forget to take it off at inappropriate times like when I am a bridesmaid)? Well, the other two sisters have apparently made this same faux pax. Obviously, as the eldest sister whom we look up to, this must be Brandlyn's fault.

The Wedding
Saturday afternoon I attended Lauren and Lee's wedding in Heber Springs. They had a beautiful outdoor fall wedding at Lee's mother's house and the reception was at the Red Apple Inn. It was beautiful! I should have taken more pictures, but I was so busy talking and catching up with all my friends.

Our small group with the beautiful bride! Left to right: Kendall, me, Shelly, Lauren, Whitney, Joanna, & Jessica

Ken & Jen...I was so happy to see her!

Me and Dustin Jones. One of my favorite people from NLR.

Me & Joanna. I just love this girl! She puts a smile on my face everytime I see her.

Jessica and I were each other's date because my hubby and her boyfriend couldn't come. She rode home with me from the Red Apple Inn and we had a great time catching up! Definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!

The getaway golf cart was very creative! For those who may not be familiar with Heber Springs, AR, the Red Apple Inn is on a golfcourse.

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