Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Taking It All In

Sometimes you just need to take some time to look at all the beauty around you. I did that last week when I went for a run. Well, at least I started to go for a run. The fall colors on the trees were so beautiful that I ran back to my house, got the camera, and decided to go for a walk instead. Sam and I just moved into a new neighborhood and this is really my first fall season to be in Fort Wayne so I wanted to take advantage of all the new beautiful scenery around us.

As I told y'all before, the Fall is my favorite season, and I would say Fort Wayne has the most beautiful Fall I have ever seen! The leaves turn slowly and depending on the type of tree, the leaves sometimes stay on the trees for a month after turning colors. It really makes you appreciate the different seasons. Well, that is, until the leaves all fall off the trees because then you know winter is coming soon. And the winter here is frickin' cold! I also like the dramatic color scheme - evergreens are always green, then there are yellow, orange, and red maples, and Crabapple trees, and so many more...

Part of our neighborhood is on a golf course. Our house is not, but it's really close. As you can see, walkers are not welcomed on the course. Golfers Only!

This tree below is my very favorite tree in the neighborhood - a Red Maple. Sam and I are going to plant some in our yard next spring! The one here belongs to our new neighbors from Chicago. They moved in the day before Halloween and have 4 precious little girls. The youngest two are twins! So adorbale!

It doesn't really do the whole scene justice, but I love this picture! The cutest creek and bridges run through the golfcourse. And in the mornings it is so quiet here...perfect time to go for a jog.

The three pictures below are also on the golf course.

This one was taken at our house. I LOVE Crabapple trees and we have four of them! Aren't they so "Wintery Whimsical"?! They remind me of my Delta Besties, especially Collin, because we love going to Bonefish Grill! They have the most amazing food and seasonal cocktails and this one reminds me of the "White Christmas" martini!

I love the Fall! Keep coming back because in a few weeks you will be seeing pictures of more snow than I care to post!

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