Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey Y'all, It's Me Again!

Well I guess I haven't blogged in a while. Okay, it's just been embarassingly way too long! You've missed a few things so let me catch you up...

Kendall turned 25 years old on 09.12.10! I just love her so much and miss her tons. We got to see each other a couple of weekends ago when I was in my neck of the woods, Arkansas! I went home to do lots of celebrating...

Speaking of celebrating, going home to see my family is always a reason to celebrate! Casa Mexicana is our Friday night restaurant ever since I can remember. PS, the first picture is NOT from Casa. Me and Brit were just havin' a little fun in the costume store.

GO HOGS...or maybe not. We lost to a higher ranked team, but losing in the SEC is always a big deal. You never want to lose.

Another reason to celebrate: my nieces birthdays! Elli turned 3 in October and Aspen will be 4 in November. I also got to see and hold Tate. He is Lana and Jim's little boy. Remember, Lana is Chris' twin sister and Jim is her husband. Jim and Lana have two brautiful sweet children, Bella and Tate.

 Brandlyn was the hostess with the mostess! She did the cupcakes herself while Chris handled the table spread. Team Frensley was armed and ready for a fabulous birthday celebration!

My very good friend, Allison, married the love of her life, Dusty Johnson. Everything was beautiful: the bride and grrom, all my high school friends, the wedding, and the reception!

Now, here is the highlight of my evening - me and my Lauren Kay. I just love her. She beat Leukemia just a few months ago, and trust me, she is still a handful! We always have a lot of fun together and we never take life too serious...or at all serious.

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