Friday, June 26, 2009

Bachelorette Bash

My wonderful future sister-in-laws got together with one of our good friends, Carol, and planned a Bachelorette Bash for me in Fort Wayne! We had such a fun night and I think the pictures speak for themselves! My wonderful fiance sent me to get a manicure and pedicure Saturday morning, and I spent the afternoon looking for jewelry and something cute and fun to wear! I was so excited when it was finally time to get ready for my big night out on the town! After getting ready, it was time to head over to Carol's house for cocktails. I must say she made some very impressive cocktails! I love fruity martini's and our cockail choices were as follows: a Saketini ("Sackett-tini"), a Strawberry Blonde Martini, and a Wedding Cake Martini. I had the Saketini and the Wedding Cake Martini. I wanted to try all three, but I wasn't too sure about having 3 martinis before dinner. Before leaving Carol's house, Allison passed out black boas to everyone. My boa was white and she completed my outfit with a tiara. Woo Hoo we were ready to go!

Me & My Saketini

The Sacket-trio: Keri, Me, & Allison

Amy, Me, & Sara

Once we had a martini or two and everyone told their engagement stories we were off to dinner. We ate at a delicious, swanky little restaurant in downtown Fort Wayne called Club Soda. Club Soda was also where Sam and I had our first date. It was delicious and I recommend the cream sickle martini with any dinner item! It tastes like Flintstone's orange push pops for adults. We definitely stood out in our bachelorette party accessories! Dinner was amazing! We snapped some pictures and then we were ready to go out!

Our Group at Club Soda: (left to right) Sara, Carol, Keri, Me, Allison, Brooke, Amy, Julie, & Lubna

Me & My Cream Sickle Martini

The girls took me to a night club called Flashbacks, and we of course got in free because we were a bunch of girls at a bachelorette party! It was like going to a disco. They played all 70's and 80's music and I think we counted 5 bachelorette parties there including mine. Time flies when you are dancing the night away with your girlfriends! Before we knew it, it was time to leave. It was definitely an unforgetable night!

Lemon Drops at Flashbacks: (left to right) Carol, Allison, Me, & Brooke

Pictured left to right: Sara, Lubna, Brooke, Allison, Carol, Me, Amy, & Keri

Back row: Brooke, Sara, & Carol - Front row: Amy, Keri, Me, Allison, & Lubna

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