Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hummingbird Feeder Fiasco

I bought a hummingbird feeder today. I've always wanted one and I finally got it! My mother-in-law has one and during the spring and summer beautiful hummingbirds are always coming up to her window. Her's has a suction cup on it, which makes it stick to the window. I couldn't find one of those, but I saw one today that I just loved! It was a little heavy because it's made of glass, but that detail didn't bother me in the least...not then anyway. Plus it was on sale for $9.99! Yea! So I came home and thought, "where should I put this beautiful hummingbird feeder?" Then I figured out why it was on sale. Not even a tree branch could hold this thing up! Trust me, I tried. So what's my next idea, you ask? Well duh! The childless swing set, of course! I climbed up the slide. Yes, the way you aren't supposed to and hung it on one of the random 4x4's sticking out the side of the top. Sounds reeeeeeeeal safe, huh?! Well I did not care because I finally had a place for my hummingbirds. One gust of wind later and the thing goes soaring in the air, landed on the grass, and luckily did not break.

Now I'm starting to get annoyed so I called my mother-in-law to get some of advice. After telling her part of my hummingbird feeder fiasco, she told me to get a long stake to hang it on so I could see it from my window. Plus, hanging it low in a tree is easy access for cats. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about seeing the birds from my window. That was the point of getting a feeder in the first place! I love her practical advice! So I go to the Wild Bird store where they have enough bird feeders and bird food to single-handedly conserve the endangered wetlands of America. They were very helpful and I bought a brass rod thing that hooks onto the deck. "Ok, that'll be $28.94," says the bird lady. So much for my bargain, but it was on clearance, and anyways now I have all the necessities to feed the hummingbirds, right? Wrong! Turns out the only place on my deck that I can hook this thing to is on the steps. All the other boards are about 1 inch too long. I should have just bought the flippin' stake to put in the returns on clearance items!

So now I am just waiting on Sam to get home so I can say, "Hey honey! I spent way too much money buying hummingbird feeder accessories, but at least we have our hummingbird feeder now! By the way, could you build something to go onto the deck so I can position my $30 brass rod hummingbird feeder holder juuuuuuuust right? Oh, and how was your day, sweetheart?"

But I do love this hummingbird feeder and here are a few pictures.

Here is our view from inside the house.

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