Friday, April 23, 2010

My Some Kind of Wonderful

What a great weekend! Brittany and Ryan came to visit good ol' Fort Wayne, IN last Thursday and it was definitely the best weekend of the year thus far. I picked them up from Indy Thursday afternoon and we ate lunch in the heart of downtown by Lucas Oil Stadium (where the Indianapolis Colts know, Payton Manning, Reggie Wayne, etc...).

Funny tidbit: We ate at Panera Bread because Ryan has never eaten at a Panera even though he lives about 5 minutes away from one! Can you believe that?!

Not so funny tidbit: They didn't have sweet tea. WHAAAAAT?! The look on Brittany's face when she heard the news was one of complete sadness and dissappointment. Artificial sweeteners are not the same thing as real sugar, people, but I digress.

Thursday night we went to the TinCaps baseball game. My fellow Arkansans, the TinCaps are very much like the Travelers. They are a minor league professional baseball team and the stadium is new and beautiful. My wonderful husband was able to get great front row seats along the 1st baseline. It was also "Thirsty Thursday" at the ballpark, which means $1 beers!

My favorite part of the game was probably the banana split dippin' dots. For the low price of $5.75 each, Brit and I got commemorative TinCaps full of dippin' dots. Yummy!

Ryan and Sam chatted and watched the game. Brit and I fashion policed the baseball uniforms. Speaking of, if you are a baseball player, stop wearing your uniform like your Granny wears her stretch pants. Enough is enough. Order your pants one size smaller than you think you should and do not pull them down to your ankles. You look ridiculous!

Here are the tin caps our dippin' dots came in. They look small, but looks can be very deceiving!

Now, back to the ridiculous baseball uniforms. If you don't know what I am talking about, please see below in an excerpt I like to call "Who Wore It Better?"

Seriously, is it even a question?! Guy on the left in grey did the right thing by ordering his pants a size smaller than normal and notice he does not have his pants around his ankles (like Granny's stretch pants). Guy on the right....what a mess. Such an embarassment to all women pretending to be baseball fans just to look at cute butts. I'm talking about Brittany, of course!

Come back later to see more pictures and posts from our weekend!

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