Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy One Year!

Wow, I cannot believe we have been married for one year. My how time flies! One year ago on August 15th, Sam and I were enjoying every moment of the most important day of our lives: our wedding day. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, we decided to take a trip back to where it all began: Chicago. Chicago was the first place Sam told me that he loved me and it was also the place where Sam asked me to marry him. We couldn't think of anywhere we would rather celebrate our first anniversary.

 The river was right outside our hotel. Beautiful view!

 And this should look familiar. This is where Sam proposed to me on New Year's Eve (Dec. '08). We had never seen it in the summer, and this time the fountain was not frozen.

 I love the stained glass windows and green ivy.

 We got all dressed up and had dinner at Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House. They have the most amazing food, wine, and specialty cocktail selection. After our night out on the town, we headed back to the Hyatt for champagne and wedding cake.

But first...who's up for a little mirrored elevator photo montage?!

And finally we turned the flash off...

Now let's get to that champagne, shall we?

So the cake tasted...lemony. We did not have lemon cake at our wedding. Perplexing, isn't it?

On day two of our anniversary trip, we decided to go to Shedd's Aquarium. We love aquariums and this was one was the best of the best! We got to see animals from the Caribbean Reef, the Amazon, the Pacific Northwest coast, and the Indo-Pacific Reef. I took about 100 pictures at this place and here are a few of my favorites.

The sea otters were our favorite! They just play around all day long without a care in the world.

I found Nemo!

The sand snakes were very cool too!

We found out that I could not live in the Amazon. I'm sure you are shocked. The sign says that after only three weeks, the waters rise above 5 feet!

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