Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Happiest Birthday

I told you here that this past weekend was my father-in-law, Les Sackett's, birthday. We also celebrated my nephew, Noah's, 9th birthday! In my opinion, it was their happiest birthday ever! Why is that? I am going to tell ya in pictures!

Friday Night (post manies and pedies) the whole Sackett family went to a TinCaps baseball game. Everyone had a blast as you can see!

Me and Sam

Left to Right: Amanda, Ella, Noah, Owen, and Matt

Left to Right: Dean, Luke, Sam, Charles, and Noah

Leona dancing for the dance cam. She's such a cutie!

Left to Right: Amanda, Noah, Keri, and Owen

Les and Marlene

Christine and me

Amanda and Aaron

Amanda and Allison

Saturday we celebrated Noah's birthday at his house. Watergun wars, friends and family, yummy cake, and of course tons of presents!

Dean and Christine

The kids are getting ready for the water fight.

HERE'S THE BIRTHDAY BOY! Determined, isn't he!?

Sam and John enjoyed the water fight almost as much probably even more than the kids! Courtney, John's wife, and I are married to kids ourselves. What can I say? It keeps life interesting, fun, and never too serious!
Kids vs. Adults Sam and John

Clearly up to no good....

What a day! I cannot stop smiling because of all the fun things we squeezed into one weekend (and I haven't even told ya'll about Sunday yet). Noah was so excited that Luke, Charles, and Amanda were here to help him celebrate his 9th birthday!

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