Monday, July 12, 2010

She's Engaged!!!


One of my best girlfriends and POTW, Meredith, got engaged on Friday, July 2nd and I along with my 5 other besties were there to surprise her with a special visit! Sam and I began our Arkansas Road Trip-a-Palooza 2010 on that Friday morning and did not arrive to Fayetteville, AR until 12 hours later.

Whew, what a long drive. Completely worth it to see my girls! And while I am on the topic of my best gals, let me just say that I have the happiest and most amazing girlfriends anyone could ask for. I love them so much!

Anyways, so I was saying....a 12 hour drive seems like a long time, but I wasn't the only out of towner coming to surprise Mer! That same day, Kendall hoped on a private jet and flew up there to meet us, Stacia flew in all the way from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Kelsey flew in from Dallas, Texas. Collin lives in Fayetteville, AR so she was in charge of getting us all together. Can you tell we were in dire need of a reunion!?

So how do you announce your grand arrival and surprise your newly engaged friend? Just bust up in the house like you own it, of course! She was so surprised...just look!

Collin and Meredith - they are both getting married in 2011! It will be a great year!

Front row: Kendall, me, and Stacia
Back row: Collin, Kelsey, and Meredith

Cheers! We heart champagne!

Here we are explaining just how in the world we masterminded this reunion/huge surprise in only two days! We're just that good. Thanks honey for snapping all of the great "action shots". Wonderful husbands are so great! Keith was doing the same thing for Kendall.

Reunited and it feels so good! Me and my Tova girl together again at last!

Mrs. Petrancosta and I haven't seen eachother since she got hitched! UN-freaking-BELIEVABLE!

The Outten sisters: Lindsay and Stacia
The most fun girls ever! Seriously!

Stacia and Collin (a.k.a the future Mrs. Zach Holderfield)

Mr. and Mrs. Sackett (that's us!)

WOW! Can you check out all that bling. We know how to pick 'em (our boys, that is)!

And finally, taking the Joneses, Clint, and Matt back to Drake Field. What a night! (pictured: Kendall and Clint)

NOTE: You probably noticed one of us is missing, my Bekah Boo. She could not make it to our grand reunion on Friday night because she has a sweet little newborn baby girl, Anna. But she came to brunch the next post coming soon!

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