Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Things I Luuuuuuuv

Entertaining & Photography

Yes, it's true. I confess, I love and crave entertaining and photography. Put the two together and I am in, as we say down south, "Hog Heaven"! Speaking of photography, this past weekend marked another "family photo event". All eighteen (YES, 18!) Sackett's, plus two lovebirds celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary (Grandma and Grandpa Dunbar - Marlene's parents), came to our house last Sunday for burgers, celebrating, and family pictures.

Here's our grill master cookin' up some delicious beer burgers! Sorry about the smoky/blurry picture.

Noah, Charles, and Luke

Happy 66th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! Now some folks may think this cake looks too good to eat. You are wrong. And isn't that what pictures are for anyway? Take one savory bite and you will be hooked! Hall's Takes the Cake is a guilty pleasure of all Fort Wayneians. I was introduced to this heavenly place when I ordered Sam's very authentic Ohio State Buckeye cake for his 32nd birthday. Here it is:

I can still taste the four layers of chocolate cake and buttercream frosting, then more chocolate cake and buttercream frosting, and then even more chocolate cake and buttercream frosting....get the picture? Obviously, I'm a fan!

Ok so back to the topic at hand {entertaining and photography...seriously keep up}. I take pictures of everything, and I always have my camera on hand no matter where I go. But, when it comes to entertaining I never think to take pictures of what's going on. Tragic huh? It is a habit I must break! But until then, I want to say "THANK YOU" to Dean and Christine because most of these photos are courtesy of their thoughtfulness and amazing Nikon 300D. I dream of owning this camera one day...

Left to Right: Amanda, Ella, Nathan, and Owen

Nathan eating {and loving} the cake...or maybe just the frosting.

Keri and Leona. Please take a second look at Leona's adorable roley poley thighs. Don't cha just wanna squeeze 'em!?

Sweet little ladies, Amanda and Leona.

Noah and Charles are clearly conspiring a master plan....

Okay, the moment you've all been waiting photomontage!

The Sackett's - We just barely fit everyone in the frame, which begs the question "When Sam and I decide to have children, where will we put them?"

The Sackett's + Grandma and Grandpa Dunbar (on right)

Les and Marlene with their beautiful grandchildren. Kids from left to right: Luke, Amanda, Leona, Ella, Nathan, Owen, Noah, and Charles

Here they are again. All looking in different directions and with various facial expressions! I love this picture!

The Original Sackett's: Aaron, Dean, Marlene, Les, Matt, and Sam

The Dean and Christine Sackett Family + Grandma and Grandpa Dunbar

The Matt and Keri Sackett Family

The Aaron and Allison Sackett Family

The Coolest Sackett Family

Marlene and Les Sackett

Well this pretty much wraps up our fun-filled family weekend. I have to say it went by way too quickly and I already miss seeing way too much of everyone!

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