Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Jen-ventory...

Yes, I combined Jeni and Inventory and made a new word, Jen-ventory. And yes, I think it's brilliant (but I am a little sleep deprived these days)...
A few months ago I took an inventory of where I am in life. I have so much going on right now that I think it's good for me to just stop, take a breath, reflect, and thank God for what he has given me. For the past few months my life has been crazy, wonderful, exciting, and even sometimes sad (missin' the fam). Crazy and exciting because all of the past 7 months have been devoted to planning 1 day. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've done other stuff too, but I feel that a wedding should be personal to the couple and let me tell ya, personalizing takes time! Since we became engaged this past December we've been wedding planning, house hunting, and enjoying all the fun and exciting aspects of being engaged (showers, parties, cake tasting!, and even our pre-marital counseling). We have mostly enjoyed living in the same city...same state...same area code! So, lots on my mind, now onto the inventory...
Right Now I Am:
Watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' and doing laundry...yes, I live a glamourous life!
A Song Which Has Captured My Attention:
"Stand" by Bebo Norman. Love him, love all his songs-very uplifting! I have all his cd's except for the latest one, which I plan on buying soon.
A Great Story:
I have to dote on my 8 year-old nephew Hunter. He is on an All Star Baseball team and they just won 2nd place in the State Championship out of 51 teams! He is headed for Regionals on July 30th...that's National Regionals, people! Yes, I will get autographs for everyone!
I'm Missing:
My family. so much. I'm heading to Arkansas next Thursday and I can hardly wait! I also miss my girlfriends back in Arkansas. I tell ya, I'm a lucky girl because I believe I have the best girlfriends in the world, both here and back home. I am also missing some of my jewelry and have been since December. I hate misplacing things, but I do it often.
I'm Relieved:
That all the bridesmaids have their dresses now, and that I have mine too! I was getting a little worried about theirs coming in on time.
I'm Procrastinating:
Uh, yeah, story of my life. Just to name a few things: school stuff, rescheduling my flight to Arkansas in August, cleaning up my mess in the kitchen, cleaning out a closet.
I'm Looking Forward To:
#1 Seeing some chick-flicks and spending time much-needed time with my girlfriends while Sam is outta town!
#2 My lingerie shower and bachelorette party in Memphis next weekend!
#3 Wrapping gifts for my bridesmaids brunch!
I'm Excited About:
OUR WEDDING! 1 month from today!
I'm Discouraged About:
Sam being out of town working most of the next two weeks. Who will I cook for? And if I cook, who will actually eat it?!
I Want To Bake:
Something sweet and delicious for my honey when he comes back from Chicago!
You May Also Want To Know:
Sam and I have realized that "the honeymoon" idea was thought up by someone brilliant. We are so ready and excited to become Mr. and Mrs., but we also need a vacation!

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