Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Nail Bar & Pompeii Purple!

Ok, as promised, here are some more pictures from The Nail Bar. Pictured above Collin, Brandlyn, Brittany, and and I are en route to the Nail Bar! I chose OPI Nail color Pompeii Purple for my nails and toes. Loved it then. Love it now. As with most things in life, I either love it or I hate it. There's really no in between with me. I'm an all or nothin' kinda girl. Anyway, here are a few more pictures of our fabulous trip to the Nail Bar at Mud Island!
Watching a classic - Father of the Bride
Kelsey, Kendall, Jessica, & Collin getting pedies
Kendall & Jess enjoying their glass of wine with a pedi on the side
I was so surprised when I found out Kels brought Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!
Me & Meredith showing off our pretty toes

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