Friday, April 3, 2009

Duck, Duck, Canadian Goose!!!

My younger sister, Brittany, has a wonderful boyfriend named Spencer. Since moving to Indiana, I have called and texted him more often because I am constantly reminded of him. You are probably wondering why I think of him so often and if I am going to profess my love to him on my blog. No, I'm not. You see, Mr. Spencer Ross Jeu, is a duck guide and has an obsession for duck hunting. His duck guide service is called Duxmen Outfitters and, although I have never been on a hunt with him, I hear he is very good! I like to say that his motto is "If it flies, it dies!" Many times my dear, sweet sister has tried to tame this obsession of his, but after many failed attempts, she has grown to accept it and she even hunts with him sometimes! So, back to my reason for blogging about this. I was reminded of Spencer again this morning when I left my house for work. The weather is a bit dreary and kind-of rainy today in Fort Wayne so naturally there were way too many mallards, canadian geese, and swans swimming around in our little pond outside. They are NOT scared of people and most people aren't scared of them. However, I am not one of those people. The Canadian Geese need to go! I am not a goose hater, but they walk around like they own the whole city and they jump in front of cars (like the squirrels on that tv commercial), they come in your yard, and I swear they can smell fear!If Spencer was here he would know exactly how to handle this type of situation. I can't exactly go outside with my shotgun and start killing all the geese. There are laws against that type of behavior and I don't own a gun. So, if you have any recommendations, please post a comment.
Disclaimer: I don't have a picture of the violent Canadian Geese yet, but I will post one soon.

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