Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party in My Cabana

I love manicures and pedicures. Before moving to Fort Wayne I got manicures once every 2 weeks and a pedicure every month. I never missed an appointment. I must admit it was a nice addiction. My salon in Arkansas is called AB Mackie Salon and Day Spa. It is an affordable one-stop-shop and every girlie girl's dream! Need a tan, haircut, manicure/pedicure, massage, and wax all in the same day? AB Mackie is the place to go (be sure to ask for Sarah)! But, ever since I moved to Fort Wayne, I have not had my nails done once. I am engaged and have ugly nails?! Ridiculous, I know. Sam doesn't have any sisters, but somehow understands how important it is for women to feel good about themselves. And he knows I feel really good when I am wearing a fresh coat of OPI nail polish.

So this morning he sent me off to Woodhouse Day Spa for a 1 hour manicure. WOW! AMAZING! RELAXING! It was the most wonderful manicure I've had in a long time. Next to the three (yes 3) hand massages, foot bath soak, and parafin wax, the best part was picking out my nail polish color! You know what I'm talking about find many colors you love, but there is no way you can make such an important decision without reading each of their names. Some of my favorites include You Make Me V'room, A Oui Bit of Red, I'm In-Dia Mood For Love, California Raspberry, Mimosas for the Mr. and Mrs., Royal Flush Blush, and Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!. This time a new color caught my eye. The name: Party in My Cabana. I love it! It is very bright and "Spring-timey". By the time my nails were painted and dry I didn't want to move. It was so relaxing and I knew I had to clean house today so I was in no hurry to leave the spa. Just to make sure my nails were very dry I went back to the "quiet room" where you can relax even more while refreshing yourself with herbal tea (they have atleast 20 different teas to choose from). To make the whole experience even better, my wonderful fiance paid for the whole thing!


  1. When (not if) I come and visit you in Indiana, promise to take me there!!
    You've also inspired me to add "nails" to my to-do list this week :)

  2. I noticed your beautiful nails yesterday! Perfect color choice!