Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Easter in Indiana

Me and Sam at his parent's house
What a great Easter weekend! Sunday morning I was pretty sad that I was spending my first Easter apart from my family in Arkansas, but Sam was bound and determined to make my first Easter in Indiana a great one! He hid Cadbury eggs in the house and also gave me a very sweet card. The Easter Bunny visited Sam's house and brought each of us a basket full of candy and eggs (keep in mind there are children reading this). After looking through our baskets we headed to church and heard an amazing sermon.

Very Proud Great-Granparents: Grandpa & Grandma Dunbar & Grammy with Nathan John (2 weeks & 2 days old)
After church we headed to Sam's parents house for lunch and an easter egg hunt. The kids had so much fun racing around to see who could get the most easter eggs and we took tons of great pictures. By the time all the eggs were found we were all starving. Like always, Sam's mom cooked an incredible meal! We all saved room for dessert because we were also celebrating Keri's birthday. We had fruit pizza and ice cream birthday cake. YUM-O! I haven't had fruit pizza in a while and forgot how delicious it is!
Here are pictures of Ella (6 yrs old), Noah (7 yrs old), and Owen (2 yrs old) hunting easter eggs...

Sam and I were so full when we left that we both fell asleep for about an hour once we made it home. I love those Sunday afternoon naps. Awakened and re-energized I was finally able to call my family. I spent the remainder of the night on the phone with my family and of course talked to Aspen and Hunter too! Elli isn't quite old enough to talk on the phone. She will hold it up to her ear and smile because she recognizes my voice, but I haven't got a word out of her yet. Aspen just kept screaming "EASTER BUNNY" and "Sam", which was very adorable! Hunter told me his easter basket was full of eggs and candy and assured me we would have plenty for our next Pogey Bait Night. He was equally as thrilled about the sword he received in his basket too.

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